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Your piano means a lot to you, both financially and sentimentally. That is why it is paramount that you entrust it's care to professional, highly trained movers. The expert piano moving team at Miami Beach Moving are the most qualified to do the task in all of South Florida. If your piano is damaged when it is being moved you may have to shell out thousands of dollars to have it repaired or replaced. That is why you should enlist professional piano movers who understand how to wrap and ship it efficiently and safely.


We use air ride trucks on all pianos and large antiques to ensure a smooth ride. Our highly trained piano moving team takes the worry out of your transport needs. With ten years experience we do it right the first time because with pianos there is no second chance.


Whether you are moving your piano around the block or across the state let our professional piano team make it a stress free move.


Why Choose Miami Beach Professional Piano Movers


Whenever you have a piano or any large, delicate antiqued that needs to be moved, the choice is pretty clear.         Attempting to move one on your own or hiring inexperienced movers is unsafe and could wind up being a financial disaster. While all furniture needs to be handled with care, pianos especially need to be treated gently due to it's delicate nature and sensitive tuning.

It only takes a small mistake or drop to possibly cause major damage to your piano but you can trust Miami Beach Movers to wrap and ship it so it arrives in the same condition in which it left.


Using a professional piano moving company is the best solution to protect your investment and avoid a costly mistake. Discount Miami Beach Movers know how to properly prepare and load a piano for transport. Your piano will arrive at it's new location in a safe and timely manner.


Miami Beach Movers are fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Florida.

Our South Florida relocation moving team will always strive to surpass all your expectations and provide you with quality service and peace of mind. All this at the lowest prices in town.